The Fort Worden Oral History Program’s mission is to collect oral histories from those who were at Fort Worden during a memorable period of their lives through recorded in-person or telephone interviews that are transcribed, archived and made available for students, genealogists, writers, and historians. Learn more about the history of this unique program.

Comprehensive Oral History Interviews - Since its inception in 2003, the volunteers of the Fort Worden Oral History Program have collected more than 300 interviews with the men and women who have served, lived, worked, or visited Fort Worden over its long history.

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Currently we have collected more than 300 oral histories and we continue to collect stories from those involved with the Juvenile Diagnostic and Treatment Center, State Parks employees and from participants in park activities. Recorded memories from interviewees' Fort Worden experiences are carefully documented and preserved in the Fort Worden State Park archives.

You will be interviewed by one of our trained Oral History Program volunteers. The recorded interview will be no more than 90 minutes in length. During your interview, we encourage family and friends who might have accompanied you to take a stroll along the beach, enjoy a snack in the Fort Worden Commons, visit the Marine Science Center or partake of the other activities Fort Worden offers. If you are unable to travel to Fort Worden, we can arrange to interview you by telephone.

Categories of particular interest include the following:

  • Veterans and Military Family Members

  • Juvenile Diagnostic and Treatment Center Residents and Employees

  • Fort Worden State Park Campus Partners

  • Fort Worden State Park Personnel and Volunteers

  • Visitors who have participated in festivals, workshops, or other activities at Fort Worden

We hope you will take this opportunity to leave a legacy for future generations by sharing your memories. Please contact us - we look forward to your contribution.

Oral History Program
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